Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Speak With Impact" Boot Camp

Your ability to communicate with IMPACT
is no longer just an option.
It's a necessity!

In today's fast moving and competitive environment, effective communication skills are necessary in almost every field of endeavor.

Studies have found that highly effective communicators earn 73% more than average communicators, and they advance 3.6 times faster in their organization!

You CAN be an even more effective communicator! Your ideas CAN be organized and impacting! Your listeners CAN be responsive! You CAN speak with calmness and confidence! How do I know that? Because speaking before a group is a learned skill, and my career of over three decades as an award-winning professional speaker is proof of that!

Join me in Scottsdale AZ at my upcoming ...

"Speak With Impact"

FULL DAY Boot Camp
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

7:30am - 5:00pm

I'm going to share with you the secrets of my proven approach to successful speaking... all the insights and techniques I've gleaned from over 38 years on the platform!

  • Brilliant ways to organize your ideas for maximum impact.
  • The key to establishing rapport with your audience.
  • Confidence-building ways to prepare for your presentation.
  • How to create a powerful introduction that sets up your message.
  • Inside secrets for controlling your time as you speak.
  • Amazing ways to develop checklists so you forget nothing.
  • The keys to getting audience participation.
  • Creative ways to bring facts and statistics to life.
  • A little known way to use notes, and not memorize your speech.
  • How to incorporate humor, even if you're not a funny person.
  • Exciting ways to use visual aids effectively.
  • Unique ways to close with impact, so your audience won't forget you! 

You're going to leave my FULL-DAY Session with a 3-ring binder FILLED with over 120 pages of priceless material!

Here's what other students have said ...
"With over 50 branches in eight states, I attend over 100 of our company meetings a year and I personally speak at about 30 of them. Not a meeting goes by that I don't think of and use some technique Joel Weldon has taught me!
Larry Cox, Director of Sales
"I just recently spoke to 500 people for one hour and I have never been more comfortable! Not only did I hit a home run, I hit it out of the ball park! I had humor, was right on time and followed Joel's model of the Ten Building Blocks to the letter. I was so well prepared, it was all planned and then I executed it perfectly. I was thrilled!"
Gary Bushkin, CEO
National Curriculum & Training Institute, Inc.
"Joel has built a system for organizing your ideas, and then delivering them, that's fool proof! It's guaranteed to work. I was a pretty good speaker to begin with - and I'm using every one of his ideas to get even better!"
Brandon Ames, President/CEO
Able Info Technologies
"I always thought I was good in front of a group. Now I know the difference and now I'm so much more prepared, focused on the audience and connected to my listeners, thanks to Joel's "Speak With Impact" course. If you want to get even better as a company leader, Joel Weldon is the one who can help you build your skills!"
Noel Jordan, President & CEO
SkipperLiner Industries
EARLY BIRD Special (before MARCH 30th) =
$1100 per person
(After MARCH 30th = $1500 per person)
Space is limited to 10 participants

Monday, December 10, 2012

Take the FAST TRACK to More POWERFUL Presentations!

Being an AMAZING communicator is not a natural gift you're born with! I know, from my decades of experience coaching hundreds of executives, managers and super salespeople, that it's a LEARNED SKILL!

And no matter how good you are now, with my one-on-one FAST TRACK speech coaching, you'll have an eye-opening experience that will almost instantly take your speaking skills and presentation effectiveness to a whole new, more powerful level!

You're going to reap tremendous benefits.

I'm going to share with you dozens of little known strategies, all the wisdom I've gleaned from over 36 years as an award winning professional speaker, and I can take you to the highest level you want to go!

You'll be amazed and delighted to discover how much immediate improvement there will be in your very next presentation!

Here's just a partial list of the skills you'll quickly master:
  • The key to establishing instant rapport with your listeners.
  • Brilliant ways to organize your ideas and add stories for impact.
  • Confidence-building ways to prepare for your presentation.
  • How to write a powerful introduction that sets up your message.
  • Inside secrets for controlling your time as you speak.
  • The key to getting audience participation.
  • Creative ways to use facts and statistics.
  • A little known way to use notes discreetly, not memorize your presentation.
  • How to incorporate humor, even if you're presenting serious ideas.
  • Powerful ways to use visuals for maximum impact.
  • How to close with impact so your listeners won't forget you or your message!

Have you got an important presentation coming up soon? No worries!

  • Charlie needed help with a presentation he was giving the very next day to land a big contract. He hired me to help, followed my suggestions, and won the contract!
  • Brian had only three minutes to tell his company's story at an international conference, but getting one new client would be worth $2 million to him. He hired me to help him prepare a powerful message and he closed the deal!
  • Steve needed more impact for the classes he was conducting for retiring teachers. My FAST TRACK coaching immediately made a huge difference.
  • Michelle, an M.D., was preparing to speak to over 4,000 financial advisers. She hired me to make sure her message would have the impact of a strong connection to that particular audience.
  • John manages a hedge fund with $4 billion in assets. I gave him powerful ideas on presenting his opportunities to sophisticated investors.
  • Stephen needed to deliver a 2-hour message on "Intuition & Selling" to 250 very analytical thinkers. He followed my suggestions, and hit a home run!
Just supposing you could take your message and make it connect in unique ways with your specific audience, and just supposing your message could include powerful stories, startling statistics, humor and visuals, and you could deliver it with amazing impact and unshakable confidence ... how much would that be worth to you?

FAST TRACK one-on-one coaching begins at $1500 for 4 hours and includes all your materials.

Call me today at 1-800-852-8572.

Let's discuss your objectives and how I can help you.
Then let's get you started on that...                  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Elephant in the Elevator


Imagine the sceneyou and your three business associates have just arrived in the lobby of a downtown conference hotel. You’re there to attend a 90-minute seminar to be held in the fifth floor meeting room. You press the “up” button, the elevator door opens and… you’re shocked beyond belief! Right there in the elevator is a baby elephant dressed in a business suit and tie! 
You and your associates are utterly speechless!  The elephant looks friendly enough, and so with trepidation you all get in. The door closes and in seconds it stops at the second floor. The door opens and the elephant exits the elevator, leaving all of you in amazement. How could this be? It’s remarkable! An elephant in an elevator!
Hurriedly you all make your way to the meeting room where the presenter greets you at the door. As you bombard him with what you just experienced in the elevator, the excitement spreads up and down the aisles. Throughout the room chatter abounds and amazement continues.
The presenter then checks his watch, steps up on stage and says, “Good morning. Today I have three important objectives for you to focus on. First, our quarterly goals. Second, how well we did last year, and third, my ideas on how we can improve.”
Stop right now! Is that audience ready to start thinking about the quarterly goals? No! About how they did last year? No! All they can think about right now is that there was an elephant in the elevator! If this presenter wants to move forward with his ideas, he would have to at least acknowledge in some way the amazing event that has preceded him and that’s plainly on everyone’s mind.
It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? First go to where they are! Then you can bring them to where you are! Yet, in front of millions of people, one of the most well-known communicators in America failed to do this.
The scene was the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa.  As you probably know, Ann Romney spoke first. For 21 minutes, she delivered a moving and heartfelt message all about love… love for her husband, for her family and for America. The audience cheered enthusiastically throughout her speech, and gave her a rousing ovation at the finale.
The applause and cheering had not even died out when Chris Christie, the big man with the big voice, bounded on stage and immediately changed the focus without uttering a single word acknowledging Ann Romney in any way!
It’s so vital to connect to your listeners by tying back to what they are thinking and feeling in that moment, and to go to where they are! Then you can bring them to where you are!
Instead Chris Christie went on for 25 minutes focusing on his life, his accomplishments and, oh yes, lessons taught him by his mother. And the most important lesson he said his mother taught him was this: “If you have to choose between being loved and being respected, always pick being respected.”
What? Not love? We just spent 21 loving minutes with her, wrapped in words of love and loving stories.
No tie back from Chris Christie? Not even “Wow, Ann Romney, thank you for that wonderful message!”  Or, “Hey, let’s give the next First Lady another hand and show her your love!”
Obviously that’s where the audience was!  That’s what they were feeling, and he completely disregarded that! 
Sadly, most speakers never think beyond themselves and their message. But you can decide to be different!
Here’s what you can do...

  1. Find out if someone is speaking before you, and if possible, what they’re going to say, so you can be prepared to tie back to it. (Hey, Ann Romney’s speech was given to the press prior to her delivery. Guess Chris Christie never asked for it and sure didn’t read it.)
  2. Go to “where your listeners are at the moment” and then make a connection from there back to your message. What if Chris Christie had used this tie back: “Ann if you’d met my Mom you’d have loved her. She, like you, had a bunch of kids—and like you, she loved us all so much!”
  3. If you ever find yourself in an elevator with an elephant, be sure that when you tell your friends and loved ones about it, you find out where their minds are and what’s going on in their world! What if they had just met a donkey in the donut shop!!
MAKE it a great day!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanks to Joel

Joel’s coaching has made an enormous difference in my public speaking.  Thanks to Joel, I’m much more comfortable in front of a large audience,  and my feedback ratings have greatly improved. 

Thank you, Joel, – you’re the best!

Richard Cohen
Managing Director
Benco Dental Co                

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anthony Robles, Champion Wrestler to Champion Speaker, in 37 Days

Just in case you've been held hostage on an alien spacecraft or you've been locked in a bunker at some government facility, and somehow you've missed this story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, here it is:

Anthony Robles was born with only one leg. No right leg and no right hip. His mother was only 16 when she had him.  She raised him with the firm conviction that he would always have the ability to do whatever he decided to do--without limitations. And that's what he has done!

Now keep in mind that, according to experts, wrestling requires more strength, agility, balance and flexibility than any other sport. And to be able to wrestle with only one leg is pretty amazing.

But to win the NCAA National Championship is beyond amazing! 
That is the story that has captured America's attention. And what Anthony does as a speaker that's so outstanding is that he uses his wrestling achievements as a metaphor for life.
"We all wrestle with something!" he says. 
He explains his missing leg as just an "obstacle" he had to overcome along the way, just as his listeners have their own obstacles--the loss of a job, an illness, lack of education, a financial setback or a personal relationship challenge. 

His talk is titled:  "Being Unstoppable...How to Release the Champion Within You!" and it helps people of all ages, in all walks of life, see how they can be unstoppable--by not giving in to their obstacles, and not giving up on their dreams.  

Within 37 days of being named the NCAA National Wrestling Champion at 125lbs, Anthony Robles has become a champion as a public speaker with over 47 confirmed bookings for speaking engagements already.

In my entire career as a professional speaker of well over three decades and over 2,800 paid presentations, I have never seen anyone connect the way Anthony Robles connects with an audience, and I've never seen an audience respond to a speaker the way they respond to him.

But here's a hypothetical question for you. Just imagine that you've had a tremendous  goal that you've been pursuing relentlessly for over four years, and now, in front of 17,000 fans on live national TV, you've just achieved it. You've made history. You're an instant celebrity. How would you feel? Puffed up? Self-impressed? A bit full of yourself perhaps? Or would you be gracious, humble and thankful, the way Anthony Robles was.

Then add to that the fact that your amazing achievement is being given extensive coverage on dozens of TV and radio stations, in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and People Magazine, plus lucrative book and movie deal offers, all in just the first 37 days!

Add to that the fact that you're only 22 years old and still in college!

That is exactly what happened to Anthony Robles. But instead of arrogance, pride and egotism, which so often follow on the heels of such national acclaim,  Anthony has remained gracious, humble, respectful and sincere, and when he speaks, that's exactly what his audience members pick up on.

In my opinion, as his public speaking coach and mentor, and in the opinion of the hundreds of people who have heard him speak so far, it's those specific qualities that make him a champion as a speaker.  And when you combine all those wonderful qualities with a story that's so amazing, even Hollywood couldn't have created it -- you've got an unstoppable combination! 

What about you? When you get up to speak, what do you do to make sure your topic relates to the needs of your audience? Is your message one of real importance to them? Is it clear that you're there to help them, or just to impress them?

Yes, Anthony Robles is a celebrity, and it's a thrill for people to hear his story and to honor him. But Anthony understands that as impressed as they are with him and what he's been able to accomplish, what they really care about is that his message gives them hope, because he shows them how they can apply the principles from his experience to meet the challenges they face in their own lives.
It's been an honor and a privilege for me to help him do that, knowing how many lives are being touched by this champion, Anthony Robles!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Public Speaking: A Conversation Held Publicly

In a private conversation with one to three people...

• You’re relaxed• You look at them
• You react to what they say
• They react to what you say
• You’re focused on them and they on you

In this private conversation you’re most likely not focused on:

• When to gesture    

• What you look like
• What you sound like   

• When to soften or raise your voice

You’re just having a conversation! You’re talking. The only difference between that one-on-one conversation and speaking before a group is that there are more people listening to you—that’s all.

Watch the video here:
Even when you speak to an audience of 8,000 it's still a "private conversation held publicly."

Friday, January 14, 2011

Get a Crystal Clear Picture of What You Want to Communicate

"London Bridge is falling down!" Remember that old nursery rhyme about London Bridge? Well, it hasn’t fallen down—and neither will you “fall down” in your next speech when you use the lesson of the London Bridge.
It all began in 1831 when the bridge was completed over the river Thames in London. After 131 years of daily use it was starting to decay. In comes Robert McCulloch, Chairman of McCulloch Oil Corp, and he buys the old bridge for $2,460,000 in 1962.
OK, you say, “So what and who cares?” Good question. You should care because what Robert McCulloch did with that bridge is just what you can do in your next speech.
When you’re speaking, you have a message in your head and heart—and that message needs to be communicated to the heads and hearts of your audience. How do you do it so that your audience gets the same message? That’s where the London Bridge comes in.
After six years of planning, government red tape, and ground preparation, the job was started in 1968 and it took until October 10, 1971 to complete. Robert McCulloch’s plan was amazing! Bring the London Bridge to Arizona, construct a city around it and sell land to homeowners and businesses. It worked! It’s called Lake Havasu City in northwest Arizona.
The "what's in it for you" portion is how they did it. Oh, shipping thousands of giant stone blocks 10,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific to Long Beach, California was a big job. Then trucking those thousands of bridge stones to Lake Havasu City was long, slow work. But the actual building of the bridge was pretty simple!
Engineers in London made a drawing of the bridge and then numbered each block as they took the bridge apart. That one there was #4,763. This one was 4,764 and so on. Then the engineers in Arizona took those drawings and said in effect, “Who’s got #1?”  By putting each block in its correct position, three years later, the bridge appeared in Arizona exactly as it did in London.
And that’s how your next speech should go—block by block your audience gets the message you've delivered.
Here’s what you can do…
1.    Get a crystal clear picture of what you want to communicate.
2.    Prepare and outline the key points.
3.    Organize your ideas so they fit together just like the blocks on the London Bridge did.
4.    Prepare your foundation. (That’s practicing the delivery of your ideas.)
5.   Deliver your message in a clear, organized and prepared way, and you’ll find that your listeners…get it!
Check out the London Bridge and Lake Havasu on the web—some great pictures and stories. You’ll see it hasn’t fallen down!
Contact me for one-on-one Speech Coaching or information on my "Speak With Impact" Boot Camp